"Java With Javelyn Indie Music Volume 3"
CD Compilation


We hope you enjoy this taste of what the independent music world has to offer. We’ve included the email and URL of each artist above. Please feel free to drop a line, purchase their CD and/or join the mailing list of any artist you like on this compilation by visiting their websites and see what else they have to offer - they work very hard – join their friend lists, email lists, get to KNOW them. We are very proud of all of them. It was very hard to choose the order of this CD, so we hope you put your CD player to “shuffle”, listen to ALL of the songs represented here, as we know at least a few represent YOU… THANK YOU for supporting independent music (please note we will be accepting submissions for future compilations at sonicbids at the end of 2011)- X-It Rite Records


SONGS INCLUDE: (Note: press 'back' button on browser, after you visit any of the links to get back to this page - or fully enjoy the artists you are interested in, and come back at a later time to enjoy even more talent and music):

1. XtraOrdinary – Darius Lux (Lyrics)

Websites: www.DariusLux.com
Email: info@dariuslux.com

Produced, Written & Performed by: Darius Lux (SESAC)

Born in London, raised in New York and now living in Los Angeles, singer-songwriter-performer Darius Lux recently traveled around the world on a journey that culminated in his debut album, "Arise".

2. Destiny – Javelyn

Websites: www.javelyn.net
Email: info@javelyn.net

Written by: Javelyn (BMI)
Producer: Javelyn
Co-Producer/Engineer/Mix: Rob Harkness, Barn Productions
Keyboards: Javelyn; Other instruments: Rob Harkness

Pop, melodic, songstress Javelyn is an artist whose voice and music soothes straight to the soul, while kickin’ the butt. Recipient of "Rockies" Awards for three years in a row, including Best Female Solo Artist of the Year and Best Folk Artist from Rock City News, she has done five music videos and is in the midst of production for one more, as she loves to mix music with the film media. Her song “Ugga Bugga” brought her to the FinalCut Pro Users group at the Apple Convention in San Francisco. Javelyn has two full-length CDs and one EP under her belt, one of which charted on the Gavin radio charts between Sarah MacLachlan and Janet Jackson on the Hot A/C charts, airplay on over 200 radio stations nationwide, and had rave reviews from press, DJ’s & online sources, as well as two songs being picked up for films. Currently, her dance song “Love For Eternity” is charting high in the indie music charts. Javelyn hosts and performs with other acts at Java With Javelyn Indie Music Nites, an indie music nite which occurs several times a month around Los Angeles, featuring some of the hottest indie live & recorded music in LA. Javelyn is a voting member of the Grammy’s.

3. Make Love Not War – ZKing of Hearts (Lyrics)

Website: www.zkingofhearts.com
Email: zkingofhearts88@yahoo.com

Lyrics By: Wayne Alex Brooks (BMI)
Producer: Peter McEllivey ("Peas")

Award winning Reggae Artist, ZKing of Hearts, hails from the tiny but gorgeous Caribbean island of Anguilla in the British West Indies. ZKing has found fans and friends around the world having toured all over America, Europe and Asia as Daddy Roots. He now returns with a new CD as ZKing of Hearts and is taking the world by storm with his blend of native rhythms with modern western styles.

4. Crazy
– Stars Go Dim

Website: www.starsgodim.com
Email: SGD@starsgodim.com

Written by: Joey Avalos and Chris Cleveland
Produced by: Lester Estelle
Mixed by: Mike Dearing

TThe songs you hum walking to class or out shopping, those are the catchy gems Tulsa pop-soul quartet Stars Go Dim specializes in. Start with Joey Avalos' sweet guitar riffs, add the smooth vocals of Chris Cleveland and back it all with the seasoned rhythm section of bassist Michael Wittig and drummer Lester Estelle and you'll find yourself hooked upon first listen. Stars Go Dim released three digital singles in December 2007 through their website, www.starsgodim.com, in anticipation of their debut LP in 2008, which promises to showcase their unique blend of modern pop and classic soul. Avalos, Estelle, and Wittig are all Grammy nominated musicians. Stars Go Dim won the 2008 8th Annual CMT/NSAI Listener's Choice Award. They had over 3000 international submissions. They had the only non-country song to make the top 15. SGD also won Song Writer Univere's 'Best Song of the Month' for December 2007.

5. For a Lifetime – Dogman Joe (Lyrics)

Website: www.dogmanjoemusic.com
Email: robin@dogmanjoemusic.com

Written by: Robin Applewood (ASCAP)
Produced by: Benjamin Thompson

San Francisco-based musician Dogman Joe's self-titled album is a no-holds-barred example of what is best about contemporary rock music. Blending blues with reggae, jazz, with funk, his unique sound defies stereotypes to offer audiences an unforgettable experience.

6. Sunny Day Despair - Rusika (Lyrics)

Website: www.myspace.com/rusika
Email: rusikamusic@gmail.com

Written By: Natsuo Kimura

Rusika is a band in which Natz (vocals/guitar) and Tommy (bass) represent their life. The sound is a unique combination of .
rock, punk, pop and ballads sung in Japanese.

7. Hapless Sky – Jeff Larson (Lyrics)


Website: www.jefflarson-music.com
Email: larchmontgroup@comcast.net

Written by: Jeff Larson (NCompass Music BMI)
Produced by: Hank Linderman and Jeff Larson
Recorded at: Parsons Green, Culver City, CA

A veteran of the bay area music scene and artist with a small European label, DayFaze-Musicnet, Jeff Larson has been spoken about in the following ways: "Larson obviously has a lot on his mind, and he's able to express it in literate, lyrical ways that require repeated listening." -- Performing Songwriter
"Larson's melodies sparkle, rise, and fall, not a note wasted or a phrase out of place… A classic combination of sound and sensibilities, and Larson gives it his own contemporary spin” -- Wood & Steel (Taylor Guitars). “If there was any justice in this world, Jeff Larson would be a radio constant. Never mind that members of Chicago and America are among his cohorts, Larson does just fine on his own, thank you, via songs imbued with richly textured arrangements and instantly embracing melodies. As its title implies, New Antiques provides classic pop perfection with echoes of an earlier era. 'From morning until noon, I hear a great song,' he sings. So do we." – CBS Watch Magazine, Dec 2007 (The Best Music “Almost” No One’s Ever Heard)

8. Wouldn't It Be Nice – Alyse Black (Lyrics)

Websites: www.AlyseBlack.com
Email: Alyse@AlyseBlack.com

Music & Lyrics: Alyse Black (BMI)
Producer: Alyse Black; Co-Producer: Hans Brehmer
Piano: Hans Brehmer; Guitar: Mark Oi; Bass: Patrick McDanel;
Drums & Percussion: Cody Rahn; Trumpet: Jeff Miller

Recorded by Reed Ruddy and Josh Evans at Studio X

Alyse has recently won 1st place in Billboard's Annual World Song Contest in the category of Jazz. She has also been selected as Singer of the Month for SingerUniverse. She will be touring the US throughout 2008. Alyse left a short corporate career to sing on the streets of Pike Place Market in Seattle. One day, the pianist for a local jazz group wandered by, listened for a moment, and then explained that he liked her style. He needed another singer for a show that night at a local club. There was no looking back. “Wouldn’t It Be Nice?” is from Alyse’s debut full-length, singer-songwriter album, “Too Much & Too Lovely.” In the same vein as Michael Buble and Norah Jones, Alyse combines jazz sensibilities with a pop sound to create sensual music that appeals to fans across many genres.

9. Twilight Serenade – Ken Totushek (Lyrics)

Website: www.kentotushek.com
Email: kent@graceworksmusic.com

Written by: Ken Totushek

Acoustic guitar instrumentalist, and singer/songwriter Ken Totushek lives with his wife and amily in Barrington, RI. Ken has been playing guitar, writing, and singing since his teen years. During the past 15 years, he has also studied audio engineering and recording. Ken has performed his original music and that of others for young and old alike - gospel, folk, instrumental, and children's songs. He has also led worship and praise in this church. While drawn to other stringed instruments such as ukeleles, dulcimers, mandolins, and lap steel guitars, Ken is rarely seen traveling without a guitar in tow. Ken has recorded 4 CDs to date.

10. Rich Man – Phil Marcus (Lyrics)

Websites: www.OnTheHookRecordings.com
Email: phil@onthehookrecordings.com

Words & Music by: Phil Marcus & Ed Goldfarb
Performed by: RoRo
Produced by: On The Hook Recordings

On The Hook Recordings specializes in creating radio-friendly, hook-based music for the commercial marketplace. Songwriters at heart, we enjoy collaborating on a wide variety of projects, but our signature sound has been described by many as "soulful melodic pop" music.

11. Baby
– Javelyn

Websites: www.javelyn.net
Email: info@javelyn.net

Written by: Javelyn (BMI)
Producer: Javelyn
Co-Producer/Engineer/Mix: Rob Harkness
Rearrangement and extra percussion/guitars: Rob Harkness, Barn Productions

A song inspired by letting go and taking a chance... muy bueno!

12. Meadows – Downstream (Lyrics)

Websites: www.downstreammusic.com
Email: nathan@downstreammusic.com

Written by: Downstream
Produced by: Downstream

The band Downstream was originally formed in June '04. We have played over 300 shows in the last three years, opening for national acts such as
Candlebox, Shinedown, Drowning Pool, Alterbridge, Days of the New, etc. In July '07, we released our debut album "Forsaken' ". The CD release party
was an overwhelmingly great success with over 1,000 people in Attendance and over 300 CDs sold! The band has made great leaps so far, but we are
still pushing to make it to the next level.

13. Dear Tokyo
– Fokushima

Websites: www.fokushima.com
Email: kevinshima@hotmail.com

Music & Lyrics by: Kevin Shima (ASCAP)
Produced by: Kevin Shima

Fokushima is a new project spearheaded by singer/songwriter Kevin Shima. Defined by colorful harmonies, inventive grooves, highly structured instrumental arrangements, and vulnerable but often humerous lyrics, Fokushima offers a sound that is as foreign as it is familiar. Kevin Shima just moved to Long Beach, California in August 2007, and has averaged 200 performances per year over the last decade, opening for the likes of Matthew Sweet, G-Love and Special Sauce, The Roots, Cracker, The Barenaked Ladies, and Erykah Badu. The new Fokushima EP titled "Monkey Chatter" is set for independent release in March 2008..

14. Move – Tiffany Curtiss (Lyrics)

Website: www.myspace.com/tiffanycurtiss
Email: tiffanycurtiss@mac.com

Written by: Tiffany Curtiss (ASCAP)
Produced by: Rob Burrell
Guitar: Dave Flowers; Bass: Matt Pearson; Drums: Steve Brewster

Tiffany hails from Seattle, WA where she performed regionally for over ten years. With a classical and contemporary background in piano and voice, she brings a high level of talent to an ever-growing and innovative industry. She values the importance of being great in the studio, on the stage, and behind the scenes.

15. You Can Buy Me – Ellee Ven (Lyrics)

Website: www.elleeven.com
Email: ellee_ven@hotsaucerecords.com

Written by: Jessica Lazaro Kunin dba ellee ven & Roland Apilzelis (BMI)
Produced by: Roland Apikelis
Mixed by: Reggie Dozier
Contact: Hot Sauce Records, (310) 472-7157

Ellee Ven showcases a range and diversity in music which she calls groovetonics: a mix of electronica, pop and rock. 2007 has culminated in a Los Angeles Music Awards win for Electro Pop Artist of the Year, and a South Bay Music Awards win for Video of the Year. ellee ven's music has charted on international DJ charts and radio. Unsigned Music Magazine also nominated ellee ven for 2005 Aritst of the Year and her album Funky Bohemia for Album of the Year..

16. The Only One
– Volume

Website: www.volumerock.ca
Email: volumerock@hotmail.com

Written and recorded by: "Volume" (Kyle DeLuca, Patrick Kahn, Ian Tendijowski)

is a 3-piece blues-rock band from Toronto, Canada. Playing together for only three years, Volume has developed their own unique style, which is evolving every day.

17. On a String
– Sungod Abscondo

Websites: www.sungodabscondo.com.
Email: abscondomusic@yahoo.com

Written & Produced by: Sungod Abscondo (C. Mark Manney & Kevin Macke)

Sungod Abscondo are two Americans who call Slovakia home. 2007 saw the released of their debut "Imperfect People", which has been embraced by dozens of non-commercial radio stations across North America. "Imperfect People" is best described as melodic college rock. Outside of the on-going Sungod Abscondo project, a dark and intimate Abscondo solo, acoustic album can be expected in the near future..

18. Tonite
– Javelyn

Websites: www.javelyn.net
Email: info@javelyn.net

Written by: Javelyn, DJ Paul E, Claudio Collino
Producer: DJ Paul E, Claudio Collino

A follow-up dance song to "Love For Eternity", currently "Tonite” is charting high in the indie music charts. Javelyn hosts and performs with other acts at Java With Javelyn, an indie music nite which occurs twice a month around Los Angeles, featuring some of the hottest indie live & recorded music in LA. Javelyn is a voting member of the Grammy’s.

19. Z-Squared – Lawrence Blatt (Lyrics)

Website: www.lawrenceblatt.com
Email: lawrence@lawrenceblatt.com

Written by: Lawrence Blatt (ASCAP)
Produced by: Lawrence Blatt

San Francisco's Lawrence Blatt delivers piercing, original compositions played on acoustic finger-style guitar. His unique sound stems from fusion of classical and modern performance techniques. Blatt's music unfolds in a variety of genres, including acoustic roots, adult contemporary, soundtrack flavors and alternative sounds. He weaves in modern flavors and the tapestry that emerge in an intricate interaction of melody and rhythm. His music has been called heartwarming and soothing, and consists of layers of guitar work decorated with intricate melodies and percussive moods. He uses open tunings with a single guitar playing rhythm, bass and lead melody all at once. His latest project "Fibonacci's Dream" is a compilation of thirteen original pieces that takes you on a journey of music and math.


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