Night Owl - Willie Ames

A night owl from up on the hill
Hoots and hollers for a midnight kill
For it's a rodent's guts he's hungry to spill
Wiating up in the tree all calm and chill

Then he takes off full flight
Into the night
He's got his radar out
Scoping out the sight
Makes a final pass across the moon full and bright
Then he dives down fast, snags a rat real tight
Back up in the tree, delivers the first bite!

Well he aint, gonna share it, with anybody else...

He says "leave me alone,
Go out and get your own,
if you're lucky, maybe,
I'll let yo uhave the bone(s)"

Now he's bound to be getting laid
Providing a nest he has made
Supporting a wife and family
Cause that's what makes him manly

Then it's sleeping time for the owl

A hard night's work
Needs a full day's rest
So he assumes his position
Back up in the nest

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