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Contract, Performance Procedures and Policies

We would like to welcome you and thank you for performing at Java With Javelyn, an Indie Music Nite at the Unurban Cafe.

Important: To avoid any confusion, please read this contract carefully. Whether you are manager, agent or the leader of the group, it is your responsibility to make sure that all performers (and fans, family, agents, managers, astrologers, record company execs, etc.) understand the policies explained herein. After reading the contract, please print your name below, and fill out any information which has a blank line attached to it, for our records. It is our wish that you, your guests and our staff all have an enjoyable time before, during and after your performance.

Booking - We require that if you are doing one of our regular sets (25-45 minutes) that you cannot have another gig within a 50-mile radius within seven (7) days before or after your booking with us.

Promotion - We encourage the use of MySpace and your other websites to post announcements about your gig with us. Please post your announcement to show you performing AT LEAST 30-60 minutes prior to your allocated gig time, as we run pretty much on time (relief), and out of that respect, ask that you think about giving your fans respect to see you, as we know a lot of other gigs tend to run late or give you early times for "real time". Please note that the time we give you is pretty much "real time".

Parking – There is parking on the streets, and you can park for free in the parking lot behind the U.S. Bank across the street. Do not park in the parking lot behind Unurban Cafe or you will get towed.

Set-up/Time – It is important both as a courtesy to patrons and as a measure of our professionalism that performances start on time. We require all performers to be at the Unurban Cafe at least 45 minutes prior to their scheduled time of performance. Bands we require at least 60 minutes prior to give time to settle in and be ready to load in between sets, so you have plenty of time to get your gear on stage before you go on. If possible, please check out the venue before the date you play.

Sound – PA and soundperson is provided. As Java With Javelyn is mostly an acoustic, ‘unplugged’ night, we will set levels for you just before you go on. If you plan on bringing a 'guest soundperson', then it MUST be cleared with Javelyn before the show. We do have bands at end of night, and we expect them to keep the volume at a reasonable level as pertains to your audience and the room.

Equipment - Space is limited at the Unurban Cafe. Some performers prefer to wait and bring their equipment in just prior to their show. If you have special needs, please remember to tell Javelyn your setup prior to show date.

Donations/People Minimum – Cover charge is $3. Every artist needs to make sure their people know they will be paying a cover charge inside, or they will not be able to stay. Each artist is required to bring at least five-ten people in order to play a 25-30 minute set. If any artist or act does not bring the required minimum number of people, then they might not be asked back for another set at Java With Javelyn. We ask all of the artists to encourage your people to not leave right after you play or to come early to support the other artists playing throughout the night as JWJ is a joint effort by everyone who performs. If you do not have many supporters you can bring, you can always book and come back whenever there is room to play two songs at the beginning of the night. Because there is such a demand for sets and limited spots, we must have this requirement now to keep our new venue, and since every artist brings a few people, it's only fair that you do too, or else we also find that people tend to leave and not stay for your portion of the show.

Merchandise & CDs: We strongly encourage you to bring your CDs and merch to sell, as well as bring your email lists, and be prepared to network with the other artists and people attending the event - THAT is how you make money, build following and make a successful career. We cannot stress it enough.

Filming – Any filming must be cleared through Javelyn prior to the scheduled date.

Cancellation – We require at least a 3-day cancellation period of time, period. No exceptions - If you cancel after this cancellation period of time, and do not come up with a suitable sub, you will not be asked back.

Rotation/Residency – If you come and play for Java With Javelyn and meet all of the above requirements, we can talk about the possibility of your being ‘in rotation’ with Java With Javelyn. We put our most efforts into artists who help us build and respect our guidelines - in helping us build our indie music community, you help yourself build in your music career, and you can earn one of the precious JWJ indie artist residents spots every 3-4 months. If at any time you do not follow the above requirements, we can, at our discretion, choose to discontinue your residency with us.

If you have any questions email Javelyn at or call (310) 281-7454. For emergencies only, Jav’s cell is (310) 739-7445. We thank you very much for your cooperation. Have a great show!

Java With Javelyn

ARTIST: _________________


START TIME: ____________


LENGTH OF EACH SET: 30 minutes

COVER: $3.00


ADDRESS: ______________

PHONE: ______________

EMAIL: ____________

SETUP (i.e., instruments bringing, how many mics, plug-ins, etc): _____________________________

By typing name below, the undersigned agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement.

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Artists or Artist's Representative

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